Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 2 (100) In Urdu Subtitles By Makki Play

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 2 (100) In Urdu Subtitles By Makki Play | Makki Play Kurulus Osman Season 4 With Urdu Subtitles In Atv Release By A Historic Series Name Of Kurulus Osman And This Is Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles Makki Play.

Release Date Of Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 2 (100) In Urdu Subtitles

  • Name Of Series: Kurulus Osman
  • Season Number: Season 4
  • Episode number: Episode 2 (100)
  • Subtitles By: Makki Play Subtitles
  • Release Date: 12:10:2022
  • Release Time: 07:30 Am
  • Language: Turkish With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 100 In Urdu Subtitles By Makki Play

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles Makki Play
Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles Makki Play

In Kurulus Osman Episode 100, Bayindir and Oktem come to Yenisehir to go to this gathering. Bayindir starts to contemplate the choices Osman made. Oktem cautions his companion and understands that he needs to bring in more cash. Without further ado before the gathering, Osman goes to his room and appeals to Allah.

Kantakuzenos requests that the Head assault Osman, yet can't convince him. The Byzantine Ruler says that he needs harmony in the locale and that he will pursue another concurrence with Osman on this issue. Osman says that he will give new obligations to some Beys who come to the gathering. Olof discovers that Osman killed Adventure and says he will get back at him regardless.

When Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 2 Is Released?

Kurulus Osman Episode 99 Season 4 Episode 2 Release Date Is 12:10:2022 This Is final Date Of Release And In Urdu Subtitles Release Date is 13:10:2022 And Time Is 07:30 Am,

How To Watch Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles

Osman announces Orhan as Karacahisar Bey. Osman requests that Aladdin proceed with his schooling. Aladdin is a little irritated about his dad's choice however says nothing. Osman provides Aktemur with the errand of head of police. Oktem requests that Bayindir remain even-tempered and not pose additional inquiries about it. 

Osman requests some from his fighters to get ready to go to Constantinople. Malhun finds out about Orhan's new mission and is exceptionally blissful. Bala discovers that Aladdin has not gotten a mission and needs to converse with Osman about it. As Turgut and the warriors get ready for the mysterious mission, Ulgen shows up. 

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 2

Watch or Download Kurulus Osman Episode 100 English Captions (Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 2) in 1080 Goal just on MultiPoint television, Kurulus Osman Episode 100 Urdu Captions and Kurulus Osman Episodio 100 Subtitulado en Espanol Liberated from Cost. Kurulus Osman episode 100 trailer with English and Urdu Captions is likewise accessible here. 

Kurulus Osman Episode 100 delivery date is normal in Sep-Oct 2022. Kurulus Osman episode 100 will be live on ATV Divert in Turkish. The live gushing of Kurulus Osman episode 100 in Turkish can accomplished by Snap Here. The people who can comprehend Turkish will actually want to watch Kurulus Osman episode 100 considerably later by Clicking Here however ATV Youtube channel transfers the episode later.


Ulgen gives food to the officers who will go working and attempts to converse with Cerkutay. Cerkutay first says that he won't eat, however at that point he takes the food arranged by Ulgen with him. Kantakuzenos says he will kill the Sovereign regardless and afterward assault the Turks. Bala converses with Aladdin and says he will get a mission soon. 

Osman and the Turks hop into the field. While Kantakuzenos trusts that the Sovereign will kick the bucket, Osman saves him. Osman and his fighters safeguard the Sovereign against swindlers. Kantakuzenos understands that his arrangement won't work and catches the Sentaur to save his life.


Osman goes to a little port with his fighters and sails from that point in a boat. Malhun begins to look at the seats made by Bengi's clan and says they are not of good quality. Bengi says Malhun thinks off-base and the products are of good quality. A brief time frame later, Alcicek shows up and needs to show that the seat is sufficient. Aktemur and Alcicek begin to contend. Alcicek comes out on top in this horse race and says the seat is fine. Adventure discovers that Osman is going to Yenisehir soon and lays out a snare. While getting back to the city, Osman understands this snare and starts going after the Vikings.

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